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We believe that through learning and through sharing valuable insights is how change happens. There are a lot of challenges in this world and we need people with passion to be push boundaries and make a change.

We are very passionate about emotional storytelling and authentic content marketing. We believe that through content we can make a change in people’s lives.

Alexander Novicov is a public speaker that attends industry-related events to learn, connect and share his insights and ideas.

Up to date Alexander did around 32 workshops, spoke in front of small audiences from 10 people to large audiences up to 300 people at a marketing conferences. Here’s a short list of events he spoke at:

  • 13th Marketing Forum by IMH Nicosia, Cyprus
  • The Business Show Olympia London, Uk
  • Meet The Expert at University of Nicosia, Cyprus
  • University of Greenwich, London, UK
  • Keynote Speaker at Hotel Technology Innovation Summit, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Boutique Lifestyle Hotel Summit, London, UK

Alexander goes beyond just sharing his knowledge, he includes his personal story where he lived a delusional life for 30 years, how he struggled with creating content because he wasn’t true to himself and how he pushes himself to become the best version of himself. When he is on stage he puts the audience first, he shares ideas that they can take and execute. His stage time is not about striking his ego – it’s all about the audience and making sure that they get as much value as possible.

If you are interested in hiring Alexander for your next event as a Keynote Speaker or to speak at your company, please enter your details below and he will get back to you.

Topics covered:

  • Content marketing for hotels
  • Why storytelling matters
  • Emotional storytelling & Authentic Content Marketing
  • How to increase direct bookings using content marketing
  • Why creativity matters in the hospitality industry
  • How to create creative content
  • How to create a content strategy
  • How to increase hotel sales in the next 30 days
  • Social media for hotels
  • Instagram for hotels

If Alexander is speaking at your next event and you would like to download his media kit you can click here and find a bio and a picture.