Shhh.... pure results

Central Hotel London:

  • Differentiated the hotel from its competitors with a unique story
  • Increased direct bookings on hotel’s website by 1500%
  • Increased email sign-ups by 230% within 12 months
  • Created a new social media presence and increased social engagement by 160%


  • Created a new brand identity
  • Built a unique friendly website
  • Grew Instagram Page from 0 to 72,610 real followers
  • Increased engagement on Instagram by 639%


  • Consulted on brand strategy
  • Created a content strategy
  • Increased website traffic using social media by 120%
  • Increase Instagram following from 37,852 to 84,390

Siam Body & Soul:

  • Created a new brand image
  • Differentiated the brand from the market
  • Created a unique and authentic brand story
  • Increased website traffic by 38%

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