What We Do: Purpose Driven Brands

Brand Storytelling

What Is A Brand Story?</p> <p>An authentic brand story goes beyond just a tagline, slogan, advertising message, website copy or a brochure to sell more products or services. It's what the brand's core beliefs are; it's why the business exists in the first place. Your story isn't just what you tell people, it's also what they believe about you based on your communication, based on your brand. A brand story is a complete picture of who you are as a brand, it's what makes you different and it's what other competitors can't copy because every single story is unique.</p> <p>Everything you do, every single element of your brand starting from the colour and texture of your packaging right up to the people you hire, is a part of your story. Your website, your advertising, your social media posts and the content on your website is subconsciously communicating your story. A story helps you differentiate yourself and attract the right customers to your business.</p> <p>If you are on a journey towards building a sustainable brand, increasing loyalty and becoming the only choice for your target audience, start with your authentic story - nobody can take that away from you. If you don't want to be just another company, start with your story and connect with people on an emotional level.</p> <p>Why Is A Brand Story So Important?</p> <p>People buy stories, they don't buy products. Brands that don't have a story are just commodities, they are just another company that want to sell more products and make more money. Creating a brand story is about building something that people will care about and want to buy into. It's about communicating your values and thinking beyond products and services. It's about striving to become better every day and believing in a better tomorrow. Don't think of it as a catchy tagline that is designed to be on an outdoor billboard for a month, it's the single most important thing that you can do to grow your brand.</p> <p>Successful brands both small and large are built on authentic stories. They are much more than just utility and the specifications of their products or services. Your product is just a part of the story - a client will start to develop a relationship with your brand before they actually purchase something from you.</p> <p>A brand story is only important if you really want to build a sustainable brand for the long term. If you don’t want to compete on price and be another company that makes a noise, create an authentic story that has an impact on society and grows its bottom line.</p> <p>Why Do Brands Lie?</p> <p>When we are busy telling stories to people who want to hear them, sometimes we get tempted to tell stories that just don’t hold up; lies and deceptions. This sort of storytelling used to work pretty well. Millions of companies around the world made billions while lying about the purity of their services and products. The truth is that lying doesn’t pay off any more. That’s because when you fabricate a story that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, you get caught out and that can happen surprisingly fast.</p> <p>There are small businesses that are so focused on what they do that they forget to take the time to storytell on why they do it. If you are doing something that matters - really matters, then we do hope that you take the time to do the research and make the time to tell your story. An authentic story that resonates and a story that is true.</p> <p>Is Storytelling For You?</p> <p>It depends on what are your goals are and what you want to achieve. If you want to manipulate people, sell more products, and make more noise then it’s not for you. There are plenty of advertising and marketing agencies that create fake stories and make more noise - we are definitely not the right marketing agency for you. If, on the other hand, you want to build a sustainable brand and create an authentic story that will inspire, educate and sell then we are the right people for you.</p> <p>We want to work with small companies that have a goal, that have a dream and believe in a better tomorrow by becoming better every day. Make no mistake, this is not about new tactics or tricks about new social media strategies. This is a whole new way of doing business. It’s a fundamental shift in the paradigm of how great ideas spread and how great brands grow. Either we’re going to tell stories that matter or we will become irrelevant. Our passion is to help brands that have something important to share, that have amazing products and services. We would love to have a chat with you and see if we can help you.</p> <p>Most successful small and large brands don’t behave like commodities and neither should you. We work with brands at every stage of their development, from start-ups to established brands who are realigning their positioning and marketing communication or launching new products. It doesn’t matter if you are huge or small, the most important thing for us is passion and we can help you to create your unique story, and to tell it to your desired audience.</p> <p>Don’t tell facts, tell them a story instead.</p> <p>Tell your story to people who are willing to believe it.</p> <p>Marketing is powerful and we need to use it wisely and make this world in a better place to live.

What is a purpose-driven brand?

A purpose-driven brand is focused and fuelled by a particular cause, a mission, a vision: a purpose.

We help companies become purpose-driven brands. First and foremost, we create a meaningful and authentic brand story that resonates with the right people. This is about much more than photography or social media content. We create the foundation of the story so it is easily digested and understood by the audience the brand is trying to reach.

Our goal is to work with companies that truly care about what they do and want to make a positive impact. We are not interested in empty slogans, or producing CSR (corporate social responsibility) statements that are not supported by real investment and belief in the effect a business has on the world around it. We want to work with brands that put heart and soul into their business.

We focus on creating an authentic brand story, one that enables the brand to connect on an emotional level with potential clients. This helps the brand differentiate from the market, add more value, create loyal (raving) customers and spur word of mouth recommendations.

Once we create a story, and we have this foundation, then we build creative content for social media, websites, landing pages, social media advertising, blogs and marketing collateral.

There are plenty of great pictures on social media and on the internet, but few have meaning behind them. This is where way comes in. We bring meaning to a brand’s content.

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